Song Of The Day: 10/26/16 Wicked Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

Come gather around as we ride through the howling gateways to the Wednesday Grind, we’ve much to accomplish.  We’re going to listen to an awesome Song of the Day to help us along the way, and since we have a few days to Halloween.  I would say something wicked should serve today with plenty of new riffs, vibes, and rhythms to inspire you in weaving some dark magic. This track should serve well in giving you that proper motivation for today because creating magic and sorcery takes plenty of time and practice. This is a combination remixed track from two great artists on the Synthwave scene.

Today’s track is called “Battlefield” by Magic Sword, and remixed by Dance With The Dead.

If you love the sounds of Magic Sword and the Dance of the Dead, check out their respective soundclouds: here (Magic Sword), and here (Dance with the Dead).

Put your armor on people it’s time to battle through the hallow lands and fight through the grind to achieve your greatness.


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