Song Of The Day for 10/23/16 Sunday Chillout 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s that time again, before we get to the football games, and other daily Sunday rituals, let’s listen to an epic song of the day.

We’ve have a lot of important things coming this week regarding a new NBA Season, A dose of two PowerPlay Episodes, a trip through the J360 Monster Fest, and of course the upcoming weekly grind.  I know all of you out there have goals for your week as well and that’s why Sunday’s song is important for the momentum, something cool in tone yet fiery enough to keep your focus.

Today’s track is called “Can’t Get Enough (Save the Princess! Remix)” by Thrill Mode.

If you love the sounds of Thrill mode, feel free to check out his soundcloud here.

Always keep pushing yourself, and come back for more. Your grind should always be embraced but your momentum should never stop as you keep striving to be a better person every day.

Keep striving no matter what.

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