Song Of The Day: 10/22/16 Saturday Special 

Hey J360 Legion

We’ve made it to another weekend, plenty of time to go ahead and watch some legendary monster movies, host a few parties, and create some new content.  Yes I’m afraid I’m talking about the grind again but no worries at least we can all listen to a great song of the day to help us out in our various tasks.  A weekend grind is nothing to be ashamed of, matter a fact when using the time right, new adventures can be found and plenty of tasks can be accomplished.  Since today is Saturday we’ll listen to something calm, chilling, and inspirational.

Today’s track is called “There’s only two of us now” from New Arcades.

(Video shared courtesy of New Retro Wave)

If you love the sounds from New Arcades, feel free to check out their soundcloud here.

Never be afraid of using your weekend to create new opportunities, and in some cases a new grind to embrace, you’ll thank yourself for it.

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