Song Of The Day: 10/17/16 Back to the Grind/Motivation Monday

Hey J360 Legion

Welcome back to the Weekly grind but don’t feel bad about Monday, this is the start of a new rise, and a new grind to embrace. You should be able to coast through it just fine with help from a Song of the Day. Now since you had some cool tunes to hear over the weekend, you’ll need something to slowly brew yet quickly pulse like the morning coffee flowing through your veins.

Today’s track is called “Bounce is Back” by Skylar Spence (Formerly Saint Pepsi).

(Video shared courtesy of Electronic Gems)

If you enjoyed the sounds of Skylar Spence, feel free to check out his soundcloud here.

Let this song inspire you and use this day to make a difference.

It’s time to get started on handling some new business this week.

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