Song Of The Day: 10/10/16 Maniacal Monday

Hey J360 Legion

It’s Monday again but don’t feel bad about it because it’s time to start a new adventure.

We’ve got to battle and embrace the grind as its own reward so that we can acquire those fringe benefits we love so much.  We have to fight through the dark and conquer the fears as it only makes us stronger when we do. Don’t let the ghosts and ghouls along with your own dark side pull you into disparity and futility.

We have to look at Monday as a day to say

“All right, let’s do this!”

That way you can put this day in the place it deserves, as an area to tell your story and where it will lead you but first take a Song of the Day to strengthen you.

Today’s track is called “In the Face of Evil.” from Magic Sword, and it is perfect for the grind.

(This song is shared courtesy of LuigiDonatello)

If you enjoy the sounds from Magic Sword, feel free to check out their soundcloud here.

Let nothing stop you or stand in your way.

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