Song Of The Day: 10/09/16 Sunday Chill out

Hey J360 Legion

We have one rainy Sunday this week in the 302, and needless to say while it is a bit dangerous due to the abundance of Rain, it is relaxing to listen to and represent the mood of the Song of The Day.  We need something to chill out to as we’re all returning to the grind tomorrow (although some are today) and perhaps something wavy or jazzy across the airwaves could be symbolic.

Today’s track is called Waves created by two artists named Debambz and Leapton from their combo album Prelude.  It’s shared to you all courtesy of Electronic Gems, and it is perfect to listen to on a calm or downtime day like today. Come hear the electronic vibes and let it provide that spark for your morning or afternoon activities.

If you like their sounds you can follow their Soundcloud profiles in the links below.

Debambz’s Soundcloud:

Leapton’s Soundcloud:




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