Song Of The Day: 10/08/16 Sci-fi Saturday 

Hey J360 Legion

We’ve managed to finish the first week of October and let me ask you something.

Are you out there carving pumpkins, watching or creating horror films, and preparing for your Halloween parties?

If not, why?

Get out there and have some fun, while you’re at it take this Song of the Day as well.  It should be a groovy piece of synthwave because we already give you enough ghosts and ghouls to handle throughout the week.  So for this weekend we’re going to go back to the original format of the song of the Day and present some chillout themes to you.

Today’s track is called “Beam of Light” by Special Q, and shared courtesy of Electronic Gems.

If you love the sounds of Special Q, feel free to check out his soundcloud here.

I know it’s Saturday but don’t just sleep in, get up, get out, and make it count.


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