Songs Of The Day: 10/07/16 Fridays at Castlevania

Hey J360 Legion

After working on the J360 PowerPlay Ep.35 yesterday, a thought came to me.

‘How about some horror-based video game music to start the day off?’

I’d say some of the hollow season’s best music comes from the Castlevania series, now which game would that be, you might ask?

Well…All of them, even if the gameplay might be atrocious in one game and subpar in another.  The tunes were something special and kept you hooked into the series as much as the villains you fought against (not to mention the badass weaponry).   So we’re going to listen to two themes, one to give you additional hero strength to handle your efforts today, and another to remind you of the ghosts and goblins awaiting for you outside.

The remixes are arranged by and shared courtesy of a composer named Fredrech Hablter, and if you like his music, subscribe to his YT Channel.

The first track is an Epic Rock rendition of “Simon’s Theme” from Super Castlevania IV.

The Second Track is a Epic Rock rendition of the Castlevania franchise theme “Bloody Tears.”

To make music like this takes a lot of practice, determination and embracing the grind, so guess what the plan is for today?

Make it happen!

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