Songs Of The Day: 10/06/16 Gruesome Twosome Thursday

Hey J360 Legion!

How are you all enjoying the Monster Fest so far? Not bad for a first turnout, we’ve got more to come and in celebrating this event we’re moving forward with our double trouble Song Of The Day from last week.   We need more Halloween in our lives don’t we? Matter a fact nothing says we can’t have a great morning start without some epic gruesome sounds.  So today we’re going to hear some remixes of classic Horror themes.  For you synthwave fans, don’t worry there’s still plenty of synth in these tracks to keep you satisfied (I made sure).

First up is the Creepshow Remix from Garth Knight (shared courtesy of Drive Radio).

If you’ve enjoyed Garth Knight’s music, feel free to check out his soundcloud here.

Next is  The Gremlins theme remix by Dance with the Dead (shared courtesy of their YT Channel).

If you love Dance with the Dead’s music, feel free to follow their soundcloud here.

Let’s go seize the day, and so that we may enjoy the night.


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