Introducing The J360 Monster Fest!

The J360 Monster Fest -JBrady

Hello J360 Legion!

Welcome to the first start of the J360 Monster Fest, a feature where we take a look into different monster movies, scary stories, and urban legends.   We will begin by looking into the monsters from the legendary Universal Studios canon and discuss every film in the each collection.  Except for multi-verse films when all of the monsters meet up because we have a special presentation for them.  We’re also doing this because since shared cinematic universes are a profitable trend now.  Universal Studios is deciding to do the same thing with their monsters for a modern audience, and arguably they may have started the trend years ago with House of Dracula and House of Frankenstein.

This is open to all members of the team, and even you J360 fans can join in on the fun by presenting some information on some Horror movies,TV Shows, and Comics you would like to discuss. It can be horror, science fiction, print or broadcast media, you name it and plus we’re not going to stop working on this on the 31st, this is going from now through November!

Unleash all of the Ghosts and Ghouls at your disposal, J360 Legion because it’s time to celebrate the darkness inside!

If you have any suggestions or movie topics you’d want to discuss let us know via the comments and/or post to the Twitter: @j360productions.

Let’s start it off by looking at the legendary Michael Jackson classic, Thriller!


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