The Retro Saga Update: A PowerPlay Story

It’s been awhile since my PlayStation 3 went kaput and to be honest I’m not missing it that badly.

The mission for the 2016 PowerPlay has been about going back in time to play PlayStation 2,  and encountering some of the old franchises that didn’t make into the seventh or eight generations. Franchises like Onimusha, Genji,  and Armored Core 3 have called me back and feel just as challenging as day 1.

Armored Core 3.jpgNot only does it feel great to play these classics again but by using my HD component cable, the visuals are still pretty neat on a PlayStation 2.

That is once your eyes adjust to the content being shown in 240 or 480p as it is being modified to an HD display, and again for a PowerPlay episode.

There have been a few times I had to adjust to old school gaming such as loading times and using external memory cards.  It goes to show how spoiled we can be when new technology came into the gaming market. So retro-gaming helps to relearn how far we’ve come and appreciate the hardware evolution. Regardless of the PS3 failure, going this route for the PowerPlay’s 2nd season is something I had in the books for awhile.

I’ve searched through my storage and found all of my Final Fantasy copies from My PS1 collection and FFX through FFXII so i’m pretty content if I’m to show you the RPG genres.  I also have plenty of fighters/Arcade collections from Capcom, SNK, and Sega. Just in case I need to grab some more material there’s always plenty of flea markets around I can visit.

I know in recent news, there are re-releases coming for some of these games (FFXII is supposed to get one for PS4) but right now it doesn’t matter, and plus you’ll see some of these original versions during this PowerPlay season. Similar to how the Cyclone has an print media feature, the J360 PowerPlay has one too, and believe it or not, you have seen examples of it as we’re growing our website.

Far as the YouTube series goes, wait until you get a load of the game after Genji, It won’t be something to miss. I know we have had a lot plot points to get through with Eps.31 through 34 but from Ep.35 and onwards, I think we’ll be able to defeat the Evil Samurai and bring peace back to war-torn Kyoto before I move onto the next adventure.

Have any questions about the PowerPlay’s progress?

Please feel free to leave a comment or talk at the twitter: @j360productions

The J360 PowerPlay#35 will be active by Thursday 10/06/16 at 5pm eastern.

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