Songs of the Day: 09/29/16 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

How are you all doing this fine day, the weekend is almost in our grasps we just have to get through the fourth day of the week.  For some Thursday is a bit of a voided day, and there are others that don’t know how to categorize it.  For us at J360 Productions however we attempt to keep it interesting as a way to change things up.

For example, why go for just one song of the day when you can have two?

So consider this little experiment: Two for Thursday!

Where you get to listen to two tracks shared by us, and courtesy of the great composers who made them.

Today we’ll be listening to two fine examples of Electro-Swing and Synthwave.

First up we have “That’s Right” from Swingrowers, remixed by Jamie Berry.

If you like the sounds from Swingrowers check out more of their work via this link, and  Jamie Berry’s soundcloud.

From the Synthwave selection we have “Hot Pursuit” by Epsen Kraft.

If you’ve enjoyed Epsen Kraft’s work, feel free to check out his link as well.

Don’t let your Thursday go to waste, keep pushing yourself further, live for every day you have and make it epic.

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