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Since Transformers 5 is coming out next year, I’ve watched each film from Wednesday night to Thursday evening.  I also did it to see why people give the films so much hate and throw stones at Michael Bay (not including the Ninja Turtles Films yet).   I will say that the man is a bit arrogant but wouldn’t you be if you had control of all of these big budget films?

Don’t forget Stephen Spielberg was on the staff as well as Executive Producer.

Now neither of these films hold a candle to the main continuity of the various animated series that came before them but they weren’t supposed to. These movies like any adaptation can go on an entirely different track as a re-imagining and while that can be a tough word for fandom, it is refreshing if done right. Not too mention all of the merchandise appeal for the kids so their parents will shell out the cash.  I will consider one of the main complaints, sometimes I despise the human element in the films because they take a lot of time to get through when we want to watch the Transformers fight but we have to remember they were always a part of the series even back in the 80s.

So today we’ll look at the marathon results, and this is completely my opinion so don’t be hurt if I say some things you do not agree with. I will explain my reactions and thoughts about each Transformers film thus far and you’re free to discuss with me about everything in the comments section.

Transformers (2007) 


Ah yes, the one that started it all in 2007.

This one was actually enjoyable although I wanted more Decepticon action and Megatron playing a bigger role.  It introduces everything that the series is to build from while using the lost All-Spark as a McGuffin.  We’re introduced to the Witwicky family, and the beautiful Megan Fox.  This film cements Michael Bay into our minds as the childhood destroyer because of how the robots play 2nd fiddle to the struggles of Sam, Mikeala, and the rest of the humans.   Our patience does pay off as we see the epic battle of Mission City scene between the Autobots and the Decepticons with all of it happening around the human race.

All of the Explosions and drawn out sequences that Michael Bay is known for are in true form because every scene takes awhile for the characters to transport the All Spark anywhere.

It becomes a mixture of a battle and a chase sequence that culminates as Sam Witwicky places the All Spark into Megatron’s chest to defeat him.  There are times where the movie does seem a bit uneven with trying to focus where the most important part of the story is, the humans or the robots?

This tends to plague the series throughout every installment in the franchise, and if you try to remember that it’s a movie series rather than a rehash of the cartoon series, you might be able to enjoy it.  Plus hating Michael Bay doesn’t get any results other than internet memes and we’re certainly winning the war with that one (haha).

Going back to this film, another gripe is that the Deceptions didn’t get that much of a presentation similar to the Autobots, if anything they seemed loosely assorted but they get the center stage treatment once the sequel came in 2009.

There are other questions for this movie, some might be answered from the supporting material found in comics.

  • Why or how did the Cube/All Spark disappear from Cybertron?


  • Isn’t Cybertron really Primus?


  • How are the Autobots able to descend from Space to Earth without a space ship or a bridge?

None of these are to be answered (except in the IDW comics) and realism doesn’t apply in these films. Overall I enjoyed this movie and was actually excited to see that a sequel was being produced called…

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)


Revenge of the Exposition is what this movie should be called because that’s all the dialogue was.  It was exposition, explanation, and eventually a few robotic battles.   We learn that the Decepticons are still active, and Megatron is restored again while a shard from the All Spark triggers and fills Sam’s mind with a map leading to a special area in Egypt. This one was once again filled with Human angst as Sam was on his way to college, and has yet to tell Mikeala that he loves her, and We’re seeing that the Autobots have formed a special task force with the military called Nest.

We gain an annoying supporting character in Sam’s college roommate Leo who doesn’t know in each scene whether he’s a part of the war effort or not, matter a fact he tends to flip-flop on the issue more than politician throughout the entire movie.

This movie is notable for featuring a subplot from the original Transformers movie regarding the Death of Optimus Prime, and the Matrix of Leadership.   He dies defending Sam, so Sam and his friends goes on a quest to try to restore Optimus back to life with the help of the disposed Agent Simmons from Sector 7.

We do have plenty of more exposition to get through as the Transformers are told to have been there since the old days, and that Optimus is a descendant of the legendary Primes who have been about virtuous and noble about their leadership until one of their own betrayed them called the Fallen.

The Fallen and Megatron.jpg

The Fallen in this film functions similar to Emperor Palpatine while this was more of Megatron’s movie. If anything the bright spot in this movie is that we do get to see the Deceptions show off. Their goal this time is to use one of the ancient transformer devices to harvest energy from the sun to produce more energy to ensure the survival of their race.  The only one who could stop the Fallen is a prime, and since Optimus is dead at this point the Fallen has nothing to lose, and Megatron happily serves the Fallen.  We also meet up with a classic character and former Decepticon called Jetfire who provides more history and comical insight. Strangely it actually works out for this movie but Michael Bay shows off his technique again as there’s a long drawn out scene of Sam trying to restore Optimus Prime with plenty of gunfire in the air.  At least Bumblebee managed to fight a bit more and give Rampage a much-needed ass kicking.  Once Optimus is revived due to Sam’s sacrifice he takes the final battle to both the Fallen and Megatron and shows them an epic beatdown.

Jet Optimus Prime.png

Would this be movie of the year? Nope

Are there hodge-podge moments that should’ve been removed? Yes plenty.

Overall ROTF  is a decent continuation of the first installment’s storyline, and if you can just push through the exposition fest and dryness of the humans, you’ll be ok.

I just think that the Fallen should’ve had more to do in the villainous role instead of his limited appearances but that would’ve taken away from Megatron and there’s nothing wrong with more Megs cause in the film that follows…

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