Song of the Day: 09/11/16 Sunday

Hey J360 Legion

We’ve made it to another Sunday, and this is an important day to remember due to all of the unfortunate circumstances that happened in 2001.  It was a horrible tragedy that happened upon our shores and changed everything within our lives.  Thoughts and prayers go to all of the families, rescue workers, and volunteers who helped or perished during  what occurred on this day. Even in 2016 we’re still healing from the pain but remember these colors don’t run and we can rebuild, fly through this storm, and keep going strong.

We have to in honor of all of those people who passed on.

Today’s track is mellow enough to make you think deep about different things, it’s called “Sunday Morning”  created by Evil Needle.

Make the best out of today, and the song is shared courtesy of Electronic Gems. 

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