Songs Of The Day: 09/02/16 Censorship Friday Double Trouble


Hey J360 Legion!

I’m sure you all have heard about the latest YouTube news regarding the new Terms of Services. Remember how vague they were?

Well now they’re worse, and have more vague stipulations with punishments including demonetizing , flagging down videos, and banning/deleting channels. While even using terms to tie it all together like “Advertiser Friendly.”  In some way or another YouTube is clobbering Freedom of Speech,Freedom of Self-Expression, and Fair Use at the same time.

If you need more information about these rules, check out this link courtesy of

While YouTube hasn’t been a friendly website at times, there’s still no reason for Iron gripped Censorship due to different point of views, creators relaying information,  and/or using fair use to support their opinions. I’d at least hope the people would share credit and links for where they got the original sources. YouTube was once a platform that allowed you to express yourself, and gain plenty with a profitable income or extra money. For some reason, things started to get messy in 2015 and is now coming to a head in the latter part of 2016.

The site isn’t dead yet however can be awesome again but all creatives need to unite, and speak against these vague rules. It could be a long shot but sometimes that’s all you need to get things done. Remember if you let these things get an inch over you, they’ll take a mile and the opposition usually wants more even if they win so don’t allow yourself to be railroaded.

However we will need inspirational songs to get us there first, and there’s plenty from the Pink Floyd catalogue to help with this.  So it’s a Double Feature Friday this week, and major shout outs to Pink Floyd for being forward thinking, and yes we’re using YouTube links for that extra ounce of snark (haha).

Pig (three different ones) by Pink Floyd

Welcome to the Machine by Pink Floyd

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