Song of the Day: 08/31/16 Warrior Wednesday!

Hey J360 Legion!

In case you haven’t realized from watching or listening to any of our J360 Series, I am a big fan of the Synthwave movement. I admire how all of these artist are bringing that spirit of the 80s in a truly unique form and the sound while produced with DAWs, intricate set-ups and so on are very similar to how things were 20 years ago.  Matter a fact I’m sure some of them managed to track down the old technology and are using it as we speak but no matter the tech, there’s magic in this movement.

I’ve shared Home – Resonance on the 08/28/16 Song of the Day, so I’m continuing the trend by sharing Today’s track called “Tonight” by TimeCop1983 feat.backtothefuture. This is the song that got me into the movement and is inspiring me daily to pursue my goals, and I hope it gives you the same effect.

If you love this song, feel free to subscribe to Tonight1983.

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