The Six Best Screenwriting Software Options.

Ever have problems finding the right screenwriter software to create your masterpiece?

I’ve been there too, the original program I used wasn’t being updated anymore and to compensate while looking for the next big addition in my bag of tricks, I made a game out of comparing various different programs while creating the screenplay for Hourglass.

This mission helped with the rewriting process and the #1 professional software that comes to every writer’s mind is Final Draft. The problem is that a lot of aspiring/beginning filmmakers and screenwriters may not have the cash for the product.

For instance, Final Draft tends to retail for $249.99 from the main website, and various prices from other stores like I know there is an academic version that can allow me access to how FD functions but sometimes you just want more.

So I stumbled upon a VideoMaker article where they compare the 6 best screenwriting software options.  Feel free to look into it and educate yourself on the different choices that are out there for you.  While the article is a little dated, it is still a fascinating read and could save you in a lot of time in making a decision.

6 Best Screenwriting Software Options

Far as my screenwriting software choice goes I managed to catch Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 on a deal, and the rest is history.

If you need some help to start writing, or formatting your story I recommend looking into these five websites.

  1. The Script Lab
  4. Stage 32 Happy Writers
  5. Drew’s Script-O-Rama (Screenplays to read).

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