Song of the Day: 08/26/16 Fistful of Friday

Hey J360 Legion!

I’ve received word that there’s a western movie coming to theatres later this year called The Magnificent Seven. In honor of this, we’re going to show some appreciation to the days of the Old West and the adventures that came from the genre.  In a way we’re all kind of wrapped up in our own journeys for a Fistful of Dollars, and are trying to achieve a Few Dollars More.

Plus even though the movie mentioned above is a reboot, it’s still refreshing to see there’s interest in the Western Genre, and it’s getting some press in a world subjected to Super hero over-saturation, and lackluster mainstream summer releases. Jane’s got a Gun did pretty well in the reviews, and maybe a trend could start again for Westerns, So I have high hopes for the film’s success. I’ve heard there’s another movie coming soon called Stage Coach and that particular film isn’t a reboot, it just uses the title of the John Wayne Film.

Ah what a time to be alive, and it’s good to see film variety isn’t dead (for optimism’s sake).

Today’s song will be The Fistful of Dollars theme from the maestro, Ennio Morricone.

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