Luke Cage is coming this September.

Sweet Christmas, Luke Cage is coming!

If you haven’t seen the trailer, come check it out here.

Coming September 30, 2016, the MCU is still going strong ladies and gentleman, and I just realized I still have a lot of catch up to do from Daredevil Season 2.

This series is looking brilliant so far and from what I’ve read on Cinema Blend, it is a follow up to events from Jessica Jones instead of a prequel series (Thank goodness). Mr.Cage’ll bust up punks causing trouble in Harlem which is where the Incredible Hulk battled the Abomination in 2008. Sure they mention that Luke is still looking for a way to make ends meet but we comic fans remember how Luke made his living back in the day.

Hero for hire.jpg

Luke Cage beats up Doom.jpg

Make sure you pay him what you owe him as Doctor Doom found out the hard way.

I cannot wait to see what Marvel’s Iron Fist production will be like because we all know what follows after that.




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