The Perfect Match.

This past Sunday, I had plenty of free time with no homework or recordings to do, so I revisited my all-time favorite console: The PlayStation 2.

Behold, the Sixth Generation of Gaming.

Everything was going great, I played classic titles like The Mega Man (Classic) Collection, and Mega Man X Collection.  It was nostalgia heaven with no sight of DLC or downloadable upgrades in sight.  I would’ve played Final Fantasy X next if I didn’t stumble upon another Capcom gem in my closet

Come see where it all began because Street Fighter 1 is obsolete.

Yep that’s right Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, one of the best incarnations/collections of the Street Fighter franchise ever made.  This classic collection collects Street Fighter Alpha 1, 2, 2 Gold, and 3 with Pocket Fighter as a bonus.   Since there’s too much content to cover about the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology itself we’ll just focus on Street Fighter Alpha 1 for now.

One of the best games ever.

I played Street Fighter Alpha all night, initially I felt kinda downgraded from Hyper Street Fighter IV but clearly that was just hesitation because as soon as I played the game.  I was kicking plenty of ass, beating the crap out of Birdie, Chun-Li, Charlie, and fell right into fighter heaven.   Using Ryu, I had each opponent on the ropes but I did feel the humble effect coming as I was reminded of how fast Guy is in combat.   After at least 2-3 tries I managed to whup the crimson ninja’s ass and moved onto to battle my rival, since I’m using Ryu it was obvious who that was.

Ken but I won’t go into that match too well because that wasn’t the perfect match.  No …not at all

Ryu vs Sagat.jpg
A representative of what happened courtesy of Udon Comics.

The Perfect match was between Ryu and the ultimate SF Boss of all time: Sagat! You may remember him as the one with the patch and shoryuken scar across his chest.   It’s always a wicked battle against Sagat in Street Fighter II and he’s definitely not a slouch in the alpha series with his deadly combos and you have to reach in to defeat him.  Sagat can kick your ass at a distance if you let him but as soon as he did his tiger knee, I finally caught him with an uppercut, and threw a few hadookens at him to counter his tiger fire. The game speed was at the right momentum, I tried to finish him off with a hurricane kick but Sagat caught me with his uppercut knocking me out of the air.  I retaliated with a massive punch combo and attempted a shoryuken only to get countered in the face.

So I lost the first one but in the 2nd one I whupped Sagat’s ass so hard Akuma could feel it, and sealed the victory with a powerful shoryuken across his chest.

The third match is when everything changed, it became a sudden death match, a final battle featuring an intense rivalry that defines the entire series.  So I went into the bout giving it my all as did Sagat.  The two of us portraying David and Goliath or Rocky and Drago.  Sagat didn’t use any cheap moves and neither did I.  A block here, a parry there, and finally the both of us unleashed our maxed hyper combos towards each other at the same time but mines struck first and wiped him out.

Then I got to enjoy the ending of Street Fighter Alpha 1 again in at least 5 years.

That ended the first perfect match, and I’m sure as I play through this collection I will have more of them to come but this one is at the top of the best matches I had in Street Fighter history.

(All characters represented in here are owned by Capcom.)


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