The 6 Best Screenwriting Software options

Ever have problems finding the right screenwriter software to use in creating your masterpiece?

I’ve been there too and to compensation while looking for the next big addition in my bag of tricks, I made a game out of comparing various different programs while creating the screenplay for Hourglass.

It helped with the rewriting process a lot and while the #1 software that comes to mind is Final Draft. The problem is that a lot of aspiring/beginning filmmakers and screenwriters may not have the cash to shell out for the product.


For instance, Final Draft tends to retail for $249.99 from the main website, and various prices from other stores like

So to aid in this conundrum, I stumbled upon a VideoMaker article where they compare the 6 best screenwriting software options.  Feel free to look into it and educate yourself on the different choices that are out there for you.  It’s a fascinating read and could save you in a lot of time in making a decision.

6 Best Screenwriting Software Options

Far as my screenwriting software choice goes I managed to catch Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 on a discount, and the rest is history.

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