Wednesday is premiere day for The BackStage Riots and The PowerPlay

Hello J360 Fans

This is J with some information on the new uploads coming this week, it’s been such a busy week for all of us here what with producing the new short, setting locations, and moving forward with sending it to the 2015 Rehoboth Film Festival.

We have a new PowerPlay Episode coming tomorrow night at 5pm with Dan returning to the race track that started him on this game commentary journey.

This Episode is filled with hilarious insight that just makes you understand it’s hard to go back to stage 1 sometimes.

We have two new BackStage Riots coming along tonight at 7pm dealing with the team focusing their efforts on the spirit of giving and social responsibilities along with giving a special tribute to the 2nd J360 Short Film: A True Friend.

This is only the tip of the iceberg as there’s always something to do in our production company. Whether it’s working on new shows, remastering originals, or talking about what makes an awesome movie.

We’re always up to something incredible or in this case epic.

You can watch our shows and material here.

The J360 Productions Channel

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Greetings all, my name is J i'm an independent filmmaker and entrepreneur. This is a blog dedicated to informing and connecting with the fans of my work. I will be updating this blog everyday to keep in touch with those who have helped in my team's success. In addion to myself other members of J360 will be standing by to speak with you all as well. Until then feel free to ask questions,see some clips, and enjoy your stay at the J360 Blog.

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