The J360 PowerPlay and the Future of Mondo Rates

Hello J360 Fans

We’ve got some more things in the works here at J360 Productions, and I’m going to discuss two of them.

For starters we created a gaming commentary series that features the struggles of our newest member, Dan in a series of ongoing battles against the evils of online competition.

Dan provides insight to other activities that he’s pursuing as a member of J360 and working with the Zero.Sixx group.  He provides gaming history along with different insights on his own feelings regarding the gaming industry as a whole.

So far he has had four adventures so far, one in Mario Kart and several in the land of Smash Bros.

Now while these tasks are usually smooth sometimes the new guy is struggling against the force of LAG and opponents of varying skills.

However his behavior and expertise alone make this a show that surely isn’t to be missed and you can watch it here from the beginning to now.

The J360 PowerPlay Playlist

The newest episode in this series is coming online on this Thursday at 5pm.

Now another series that started the whole spin-off cycle we have here is Mondo Rates.

Mondo Rates is a review series that we’ve started back in 2014, and we’re bringing it back this summer.  Mondo is going to review and provide content on all new things from the views from Godzilla to Urban Legends and so on.

Each Mondo Rates episode deals with the concept of a different J360 Member guest starring each time to provide their own insight and rating as he does.

With these new episodes you never know what new concepts and developments will take place.

Mondo Rates returns June 2015.

For a look at Mondo Rates, check out this playlist.

Mondo Rates Playlist

These two have also exchanged their POVs regarding Star Wars in a Crossover Conversation that took place during the Hourglass Production meeting.   The Episode allows both Mondo and Dan to converse about Star Wars since the saga is continuing with Episode 7 returning this December.

You may watch the crossover conversation right here.

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