The J360 BackStage Riots are coming back this Tuesday night.

Yo J360 Fans

Great news for those of you who love our audio exploits as much as our videos, we’re bringing the BackStage Riots back onto our YouTube Channel.

We’ve started this project back in late 2014 to broadcast how we function in between creating our movies and videos while making our presence known on Soundcloud.    The show helped introduce various personalities and new members in J360 Productions while providing a unique sort of entertainment for everybody.

We’re putting it onto the J360 YouTube channel for everyone to experience it and as part of the deal those of you that haven’t listened to it will see it from the beginning leading up to the newest episodes that we have ready to premiere for you (Not even on Soundcloud yet).

Those of you that have heard it, will get to relive great memories such as J giving Alan the Boot,  Mondo vs. Alan: The Rivalry, Social Responsibilities, and Tina and Dan’s Salary Cap dispute, etc.

The BackStage Riots will premiere Tuesday night on at 5pm.

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