New status on J360 Productions’ 3rd short film, Hourglass.

Hello J360 Fans

We’re currently working on the production for our latest short film Hourglass.

It is the third in the J360 Short Film library and is a bit different in tone than the other films we produced like “Trash Day” and “A True Friend.”

This particular short is a Neo-Noir and focuses on the aspect of what would you do if it was your last day on Earth.  Will you hold yourself back in Self-Doubt or would you take it upon yourself to rise to the occasion and fulfill one of your life’s desires.  It is your last 24 hours and time is always running against you especially if you don’t seize the day.

In Hourglass’ case, we have a very likable yet unfulfilled young man who doesn’t take the chance to find true love until his and everyone else’s lives are threatened through external circumstances i.e. Political discussions that led to a War.

Since Death is looming, the only thing our hero wants to do is come to terms by telling the woman he desires how he really feels, and since he hasn’t pushed himself to do this….it’s the prime emotion and drive he wants to do.

In addition to the War panic, there are problems within society that have been scaled up to 11 making it difficult for our main hero to transverse and the main antagonism holding him back: His Self-Doubt.

This drama is currently taking a bit of effort to make and we’re enjoying it every step of the way and hopefully it reminds everyone to live life to the fullest, make choices, be accountable of each choice, and never wait until the last minute to do something important.

For your enjoyment I’m including some pictures from the sets that you can all enjoy.

Jet Stream
Newscaster Set

We’re also going to enter this short film in film festivals so it may make an appearance near you soon, and we like to thank everyone who has been supportive of us since day one to now.

Additional good news is that we have a Fourth Short film in the works as soon as we’re finished with this one, and we have plenty of new shows coming your way as well.

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