Home base is getting a overhaul

Greetings J360 Fans
We’re working on a few new things this year, it’s taking us a bit of time but the reviews on our first documentary went so well.  We’re looking into doing another one sometime this year. 
We even got our State’s Dept of Labor to look into it, and that’s a positive outlook for our endeavors. 
So what’s next?
Well we’re prepping another short film to be produced, revolving around the themes of time and love. Unlike A True Friend, you’ll get a full resolution this time.   
Far as our series goes, we have more episodes of Mondo Rates to produce, and we’re also looking into getting our podcast off of the ground.  These things do take time you know and far as we’re concerned it’s all about patience, effort and timing.  
Things are well worth the wait though, and the excitement is overwhelming especially since plenty of us are enthusiastic to put our Soundcloud channel to work.   
Stay tuned, and thank you for your support of J360 Productions. 

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Greetings all, my name is J i'm an independent filmmaker and entrepreneur. This is a blog dedicated to informing and connecting with the fans of my work. I will be updating this blog everyday to keep in touch with those who have helped in my team's success. In addion to myself other members of J360 will be standing by to speak with you all as well. Until then feel free to ask questions,see some clips, and enjoy your stay at the J360 Blog.

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