Song of the Day: Welcome to the Machine by Pink Floyd

Today’s Song Of The Day helps you understand that life isn’t all sunny and bright. There are dark points where sometimes things just don’t come together right or for lack of better statements, things just suck…
Terribly, terribly suck and disillusionment just settles in for a period because all of us that are human fall in that category sometimes especially when we try to make careers out of industries that require Public opinion.
What does the Public know whatever it wants and in the end sees whatever it wants to see which may be the wrong thing when the right thing is completely in front of them.  Another example is when a second opinion appears from others that see life and its meaning in a different perspective.  The opinions conflict but the majority will always win even though they are wrong. 
It makes you feel like you have no individualism being that some of us just want things to be just ok and flow though life without any sort of conflict only to feel it burning on the inside. that feeling of you hating to conform to rules that don’t make sense or just have that desire to kick a hornet’s nest knowing that you’ll get stung for rebelling status quo.
Disillusionment factors in creative minds especially the minds of music.
Today’s song of the day comes from Pink Floyd and their hit song “Welcome to the Machine.”
You’ll be able to see the meaning of the song from the music video and indeed sometimes we think certain industries are presenting people with a message to say…but after seeing what some people go through and hearing their stories… You cannot help but wonder…
Are we just cogs in a wheel that powers a huge machine? 

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