J’s Song of the Day: Stars of the Night by Dynatron


Ever watched a movie trailer or a movie that had the most greatest background music behind it, it sounds so amazing that it stays in your mind well after the trailer or scene has gone away.  For example, besides your initial interests in the film, the music just captures you as if it has entertainment value of its own?  

Well that’s because it does, BGM is so incredible and important to film that it takes a life of its own as you are enjoying the movie.  Sometimes to the point where certain songs or themes could serve the purpose as BGM themselves but since some of us indies don’t want to pay the royalties or go through the copyright strain to purchase these things.   We cannot help but think of what could’ve been as we’re going through the process of making these projects. 
Tonight’s song filled that purpose for me as I am writing one of my unfinished screenplays, it is a piece created by an artist/s known as Dynatron.   The synth in this takes me back to movies like Total Recall, Cyborg,  Blade Runner, and so on.   In my opinion, listening to it makes me feel like there is a great adventure ahead filled with battling an evil empire or fighting for freedom and wealth.  If you think the trailer music for the last two Star Treks films is good (Which it is).  I recommend you giving this song a listen and see what images you can create out of it, I’m having a field day in creative writing and pre-production by listening to the inspirational notes. 
Without much delay, here’s the song courtesy of NewRetroWave. 
If you like Dynatron’s work, please support the artist/s by going to these pages. 

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